The technical force of company is abundant and the equipment is advanced, product specifications are complete as well. In addition,the management system is perfect, and its product design and development capabilities is excellent.It is committed to providing customers with advanced high-quality products, and providing solutions to meet the special needs of customers.Welcome to inquire and ask for the product information!

7.0 inch color high brightness lcd module with 1024*600 resolution

Model: RX070A-24
Keywords: 7.0 inch lcd module , color lcd module,high brightness
Brief: 7.0 inch high brightness lcd module is designed with 1024*600 resolution and compatible with original HV070WSA-100 IPS drive IC. It is capable of prod...

4.3 inch tft color lcd module with 480*272 resolution and 20.5V power supplier

Model: RX043A-0204
Keywords: 4.3 inch tft lcd module,color lcd module
Brief: 4.3 inch color lcd module is commonly used on microphone and digital products, etc. This module has LED backlight and 105.5*67.2*3.0mm outline size. ...

2.0 inch tft lcd module with LED backlight and 31.68*39.65mm display area, competitive price.

Model: RX020A-01
Keywords: 2.0 inch lcd module, tft display
Brief: 2.0 inch tft lcd module is widely use in industry area. Its outline size is 37.68*51.30*2.3mm and its driving voltage is 3.2V. It is in fine quality a...

7.0 inch lcd module with 70/70/50/70 viewing angel,154.08*85.92mm display area,for various use

Model: RX070TN90
Keywords: 7.0 inch lcd module, lcd monitor
Brief: The 7.0 inch lcd module with original brand AT070TN90 is designed with the features of 70/70/50/70 viewing angel and 250nits luminance. It is flexibl...

7.0 inch lcd module with touch panel,compatible with AT070TN83 ,155.3*94.3mm Active area

Model: RX070TN83
Keywords: 7.0 inch lcd module, display, touch panel
Brief: 7.0 inch lcd module with touch panel is mostly used in the area of consumer electronics. It is designed with 800(RGB)*480(WVGA) resolution and its ou...

5.6 inch color LCD module, original brand AT056TN53 with touch panel

Model: RX056TN53
Keywords: 5.6 inch color lcd, 5.6 inch touch panel
Brief: 5.6 inch color lcd module is mostly used on the MP4 Player,camera and portable DVD, etc. This kind of module is designed with touch panel and it is a...

5.0 inch color lcd module with 480*272 pixels resolution,measures 120.8*75.9*3.05mm

Model: RX050A-10
Keywords: 5.0 inch lcd module, lcd display
Brief: 5.0 inch lcd module is mostly applied in the field of digital security and protection. This module is designed with 12 LED backlights and 110.88*62.83...

7.0 inch 800(RGB)*480 resolution LCD module with LED backlight, 60pin,400nits luminance

Model: RX070A-16
Keywords: 7.0 inch lcd module,800*480 resolution,LED backlight.60pin
Brief: 7.0 inch lcd module is widely used in digital area and it is characterized by high luminance and wide viewing angel. It is capable of producing fine ...
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