TFT LCD Module

1, the first domestic sun visual LCD patent patent no. : ZL 2012 2 0560975.6

2, our company and the university of Hong Kong, chi mei optoelectronics, binding, has more than senior optical analyst, structural engineers, electronic engineers. Ensure product innovation, constantly improve the indicators.

3, high ratio of raw materials adopt south Korean imports, chip encapsulation by Taiwan technology.

4, good after-sales service, after-sale warranty 15 months, life-long free maintenance related spare parts fee only.

4.3 inch tft lcd 480*272 rgb interface digital display

Model: RX043A-0204
Keywords: 4.3 inch WQVGA module
Brief: 4.3 inch module widely used in all kinds of radio, card speakers, digital radio,learning machine, or a variety of small screens above, loved by every ...

3.5 inch color lcd module 320*240 MCU/SPI interface

Model: RX035C-01
Keywords: lcd panel,lcd display ,lcd monitor

3.5 inch lcd panel widely used in industry field , digital field and other mini display applications

3.5 inch industrial grade tft monitor 320*240

Model: RX035M-02
Keywords: 3.5inch display,tft monitor,320*240

3.5inch lcd display mainly used in handheld devices, interphone,Visual doorbell ect.

5.0 inch TFT LCD modules with 800*480 high resolution, RGB 24 bit interface, for ca display use.

Model: RX050A-08
Keywords: 5.0 inch lcd, 5.0inch display
Brief: Rogin 5.0 inch TFT LCD modules has 800*480 high resolution, RGB 24 bit interface,it is mostly used in car navigation field, we also have higher lum...

2.4 inch tft| 480*234 HD| rgb 8 bit| LCM

Model: RX024A-03
Keywords: lcd panel,lcd module,tft display,lcd monitor
Brief: 2.4 inch tft lcd made in CPT lcd ,drive by OTA5182, and it has high pixels reach to 480*234. This module widely used in handling equipments and POS
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