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37.2inch(1000-2000luminance) high brightness strip-type LCD screen with LED backlight

Name: 37.2inch(1000-2000luminance) high brightness strip-type LCD screen with LED backlight
Name: Shenzhen Rogin Electronics CO., LTD
Model: RX372-TXP-10

Rogin 37.2-inch strip-type LCD screen is widely used on commercial display and public display in special places for its special sizes by cutting the glass of original screen. Recommended application field is: advertising player, bus and taxi,and train. 37.2-inch strip-type LCD screen|LED backlight|1000nits|1920*361|High brightness|Wide aspect ratio:16:3|Average life expectancy:60,000hrs|Supports VGA,HDMI,SD card/USB



Screen Diagonal: 946.3 

Active Area: 930(H)x 175(V)mm

Pixels: 1920 x 361     

Pixel Pitch: 0.4845(per one triad) x 0.4845mm

Aspect Ratio: (16:3 )

Contrast Ratio: (4000:1)

Brightness: 1000nit-2000nit

Pixel Arrangement: R.G.B. Horizontal Stripe

Display Mode: AMVA3, Normally black,Transmissive

Optical Response Time: 6.5ms (Type.,on/off)

VDDNominal Input Voltage VDD :(+12.0V)

Electrical Interface: Dual channel LVDS

Support Color: 16.7M colors (RGB-8bit )

Dimensions: 963 x 212 x 48mm

Weight: 5.2Kg

Working temperature: 0°C~50°C

Storage temperature: -20°C~60 °C

Key Features

1. Sunlight readable

2. LED backlight

3. High shock & Vibration resistance

4. Low power consumption

5. High uniformity

6. High contrast

7. Wide viewing angle

8. Low voltage driver circuit design/equipment excellent safety performance

9. Professional driver chip images showed more clearly, the stability, the color performance is better )

10. Life span : 60,000hrs

11. Full viewing angle

12. Supporting 3G/Wifi network with Android system



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