10.4-inch industry grade high brightness LCD display with high color saturation

Name: 10.4-inch industry grade high brightness LCD display with high color saturation
Name: Shenzhen Rogin Electronics CO., LTD
Model: RX104-L02

Chimei Innolux industry-grade rectified LCD screen-G104X1-L01 is characterized by low power consumption, wide viewing angle, far range of visibility, HD picture display, smart dimming and warm sense, anti-shock and interference, long life and other advantages. It is also designed with high color saturation, surface matte and white LED backlight.



Model size: 10.4inch

Pixels: 800(RGB) ×600(SXGA)

Aspect ratio: 4:3

Pixel Arrangement: RGB Vertical Stripe

Dot pitch: 0.088×0.264 mm (W*H)

Pixel Pitch: 0.264×0.264 mm (W*H)

Surface treatment: Surface matte, Hard coating (3H)

Display area: 211.2×158.4 mm (W*H)

Active area: 215.6×162.8 mm (W*H)

Appearance size: 226.0×177.8 mm (W*H)

Panel thickness: 10.0±0.5 (Typ./Max.) mm

Hole position bracket: Face mounting holes (4-M2)

Touch panel: no

Working temperature:0~ 50 °C

Storage temperature:-20 ~60 °C

RoHS follow: RoHS Compliance

Optical features

Display mode: TN,Normally white, Transmissive

Panel brightness: 1000 cd/m2 (Typ.)

Contrast: 500: 1 (Typ.) (Transmissive)

Display color: 262k (6-bit)

Color saturation: 75%

Response time: 10/30 (Typ.) (Tr/Td) (ms)

Viewing angle: 50/50/35/35(Typ.) (CR≥10)(left/right/up/down)

The best viewing angle: 6 o'clock

Electrical features

Scan frequency: 60Hz

Reverse scan: no

Signal interface

Signal types: LVDS

Small signal class: LVDS(1ch,6-bit)

Connector pitch: 1.0 mm

Number of interfaces: 1 pcs

Pin No.: 20 pins

Backlight system

Backlight positions: side-into the light (top)

Backlight type: WLED

Backlight life: 60K (Typ.) (hrs)

Backlight interface type: Connector 


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